Atrium at Innovation Hotel

About Innovation Hotel

From a drafting table to a state-of-the-art facility, Naples FL-based Arthrex has become synonymous with evolution. Fueled by a desire to continue education and collaboration beyond training, we’ve evolved again to create Innovation Hotel. 

Arthrex One Innovation Wellness Center exterior view
View of Innovation Hotel in evening

Modern & Educational

With uncompromising quality, this modern hotel is designed to foster momentum at the intersection of health care, hospitality and the Arthrex mission. Located near the medical center, we are an extension of the Arthrex education experience, focused on Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better.  

Excellence & Innovation

With the opening of our hotel facility in 2020, we believe the more immersive of an experience Arthrex can offer its attendees, the more meaningful, life-changing work they can accomplish when they leave. From check-in to check-out, we provide health care providers and agency representatives the level of excellence and innovation synonymous with the Arthrex brand.

Arthrex One Auditorium
Bio Bar at Arthrex Wellness Center
Double Queen Room Innovation Hotel
Parlor Room

Designed to Work

Our hotel accommodations, meeting spaces and amenities are designed to create a working environment that channels, charges, and sustains energy and collaboration long after the training sessions have ended.

Safety Information

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority!

Innovation Hotel and the facilities on the Arthrex campus utilize Synexis™ microbial reduction technology that creates a safe level of dry hydrogen peroxide, which allows for the natural and continuous reduction of microbial contamination in occupied spaces, minimizing the presence of viruses, bacteria and mold in the air and on surfaces. 

In addition to consistent execution of cleaning protocols in both guest rooms and public spaces, our associates take measures to limit physical contact and wash their hands regularly. 

Arthrex and Innovation Hotel want to provide a safe and controlled environment for all employees and guests. With the Arthrex Medical Center located adjacent to Innovation Hotel, visitors have convenient access to urgent care and testing by the Arthrex medical staff. 

To help ensure all who enter Innovation Hotel experience the safest environment possible, hotel leadership has implemented stringent precautionary systems and practices, which include: 

  • Installing multiple Synexis™ Microorganism Reduction Systems in the dining areas and kitchen. This state-of-the-art disinfectant technology is proven to eliminate airborne and surface bacteria and viruses in buildings. The hotel is also working to expand the use of Synexis to all guest rooms, enhancing guest safety.

  • Hotel employees undergo daily wellness checks. 

  • Hotel employees follow the Arthrex face-covering policy. 

  • Hotel guests undergo wellness checks upon check-in. 

  • Enhanced cleaning measures are in place throughout public areas and guest rooms. 

  • Kitchen surfaces are sanitized every hour during operation. 

  • Access to the food preparation and dining areas is limited. 

  • Service and culinary staff are required to complete ServSafe COVID-19 training for food service. 

  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout all public area spaces. 

  • Social distancing measures in place throughout all public spaces. 

  • Hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants are utilized throughout the hotel. 

Learn more about how the Synexis systems at Innovation and across the Arthrex campus keep you safe. opens in a new tab